Vision for future politics and your involvement imageVision for future politics and your involvement image
   REFORM UK is dedicated to promoting positive change in the UK through various reform initiatives. With a focus on social, economic, and political issues, we aim to raise awareness, spark discussions, and advocate for policies that can create a better future for all. Explore our resources, engage in our forums, and join us in our mission to initiate meaningful reform. Together, we can make a difference! 

   Our traditional political parties have but one in objective in common: Taxes. No matter what initiative the main parties come up with, leading to the next General Election, one fact is certain, they will cost the people of this country, more money. REFORM UK has a vision to move away from raising more revenue by direct or indirect taxes, (stealth taxes are often buried in tax bands), to reform the existing systems, methods and the traditional conventions as to how our major departments are run and operate. 
Reform has to happen, otherwise this country remains at a disadvantage.