Crime: Crime is out of control as the police cannot keep up with spiraling burglaries, theft and shoplifting, the most common crimes, that are being down-graded and even ignored, but effect so many people. Police are not on top of crime. Criminals are dealt with too leniently. A referendum to ascertain the views of the electorate to building more prisons, deploying more police in high crime areas?

Immigration: New Labours' policy on immigration has failed. We need a national referendum to reduce illegal and legal immigration into this country?

Economy: For too long the economy works for the few, not the many. An overhaul of the way tax is collected from the minority of high earners who treat this country and our taxation system with contempt.

Political Correctness: Most people now believe that they cannot say what they want to say, without fear of reprisals from the 'woke brigade'. A minority who are working towards changing our way of life, by dictating their views on  what we say and how we say it. It is stifling our culture and the way we think. It is creeping into our schools, universities and public institutions. It has to be addressed.

Identity: This country has a unique and distinct culture and history that is slowly being eroded by globalisation and bland liberalism.

Sovereignty: It is not for the elite of this country, but should be powered down to local towns and villages, to more and more local areas for the electorate to be involved in.

Democracy: Are we fully democratic in the way successive governments has managed our country?
Democracy is not for the elite to make decisions, but must be embraced by all of the people, not the few?