My career was spent within the private security sector, managing business development and marketing.  Qualified in marketing and separately in psychology, I became involved in the delivery of behavioural courses designed to change antisocial behaviour, through  cognitive behavioural based programs with groups of adults.
   I was a Magistrate for 16 years retiring in October, 2023 that enabled me to devote all of my time in campaigning for the REFORM UK party in the lead up to the General Election and in South East Cornwall in particular. When I became a Magistrate in 2007, I had to swear on a life time oath, part of which states:'I will do right to all manner of people-without fear or favour, affection or ill will'.
   I have previous experience of running a large neighbourhood watch scheme and was involved in two charities for the homeless, managing a large number of volunteers.
 I am a Parish Councillor with St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council where I sit on two committees: planning and human resources. I abide by the Councils' Code of Conduct for public servants, that states I will act with Integrity, Selflessness: Honesty: Accountability: Openness: To Uphold the Law: To demonstrate Leadership, to have Respect for Others and to act Objectively.

   From all those experiences I appreciate the issues that are important to residents. I take my role as a public servant seriously. I value honesty, respect and integrity and respect that all people have a right to be heard. Good listening skills is one of my attributes, another is getting things done.
I believe I will make a good MP for South East Cornwall.