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Voter Identification of Voter ID is now required to vote in person at Parliamentary Elections that include General Elections, By-Elections and Police and Crime Elections.
Information can be found on the Electoral Commission website: of if you just enter Voter ID into Google, it will bring you to this website.

The Electoral Commission is advising to submit a passport size photograph, photos as provided in Passport Photo Booths found in  many supermarkets.

However, application can be made on line for 'Voter Authority Certificate' as long as you provide your current name and address, date of birth and your National Insurance Number.

For people who are currently 17 years of age, and who will be 18 years of age, thereby legally entitled to vote, at the next General Election, can apply. 

Voter Authority Certificates do not have an expiry date. To ensure you can vote in the General Election, its best to apply now. A polling station has a right to turn you away, if you do not have formal ID with you. For those who are already registered to vote by post, there is no need to register for Voter ID.